Magic Tiles 3

Magic Tiles 3 : Mobile Game in The Rhythm and Music Genre

Magic Tiles 3 : Musical Bliss

Magic Tiles 3 is a captivating mobile game in rhythm and music genre, developed by AMANOTES. Dive into a world where music, rhythm and tapping blend seamlessly for an immersive experience.

Magic Tiles 3 is more than just a game; It is a rhythmic journey that challenges players to tap to the beat while enjoying an extensive collection of songs from different genres. With its simple yet addictive gameplay, stunning graphics and competitive elements, Magic Tiles 3 offers an enjoyable experience in the world of music and rhythm.

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Magic Tiles 3 Game Details

  • Last Updated: August 24, 2023
  • Platform: Android IOS
  • Current Version: 10.076.007
  • Size: 407MB
  • Developer: AMANOTES PTE LTD
  • Ratings: 3.6

Features of Magic Tiles 3:

Features Description
Musical Variety Explore diverse musical genres including pop, classical, and rock, ensuring there’s a song for everyone.
Progressive Levels Start from easy and progress to expert levels, keeping players engaged and challenged throughout.
Competitive Edge Compete with friends globally to dominate the leaderboards, adding a thrilling competitive element to gameplay.
Daily Challenges Stay hooked with daily challenges offering rewards, encouraging regular gameplay and skill improvement.
Visual Customization Personalize your gaming experience with various themes and backgrounds, adding your unique touch to the game.

For Download Magic Tiles 3

About Magic Tiles 3

Embark on a musical adventure with Magic Tiles 3 a beloved mobile game falling under the rhythm and music genre, created by Amanotes. Immerse yourself in a world where rhythm meets melody, and swaying to the beat becomes an addictive pastime. With a simple yet engaging gameplay, players of all ages can test their reflexes and coordination skills while enjoying a diverse selection of musical genres. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned player, Magic Tiles 3 offers something for everyone, making it a must-have on your mobile device.

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