Google's Gemini Ultra

OPPO and OnePlus Phones will getting Google’s Gemini Ultra AI

Google’s Gemini Ultra 1.0 is coming to OnePlus and Oppo phones this year.

Google’s Gemini Large Language Model (LLM), in its Ultra 1.0 iteration, is slated to make its way to OnePlus and Oppo phones later this year. This exciting news was disclosed by the companies during Google’s Cloud Next 2024 conference.

The Gemini LLM boasts various tiers, with the smallest dubbed Nano, set to operate on-device and scheduled to debut on the Pixel 8 in the near future. On the other end, Ultra stands as the most potent cloud-based iteration, fueling the Gemini Advanced chatbot. Ultra possesses the capability to comprehend intricate tasks and contextual nuances to provide valuable responses.

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Apart from the Gemini, OnePlus and Oppo phones are also going to get specific Google Cloud AI functionalities, although the exact details have not been disclosed. Additionally, the difference between “Gemini Ultra is coming to OnePlus and Oppo phones” and accessing Google’s Gemini Advanced chatbot through a browser is unclear.

Further clarification on these matters is expected in the coming weeks and months. At present, implementation, regardless of its form, appears somewhat a long way off. Recently, OnePlus revealed its own version of Google’s Magic Eraser for select phone models. With this latest announcement, it looks like Oppo and OnePlus are ready to fully embrace the AI trend.