Angry Birds Dream Blast

Angry Birds Dream Blast

Bubble-Popping Fun with Angry Birds Dream Blast

Embark on a whimsical journey in Angry Birds Dream Blast a colorful puzzle game developed by Rovio Entertainment. Immerse yourself in a dreamlike world where familiar Angry Birds characters pop bubbles to overcome challenges. With engaging mechanics and charming characters, this playful spin-off offers an enjoyable gaming experience suitable for players of all ages.

Angry Birds Dream Blast Game Details

  • Last Updated: Jul 17, 2023
  • Platform: Android
  • Current Version: 1.53.2
  • Size: 67MB
  • Developer: Rovio Entertainment Corporation
  • Ratings: 4.5
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Highlight Points

  • Colorful puzzle game with familiar Angry Birds characters.
  • Tap and match bubbles to trigger satisfying bubble pops.
  • Encounter a variety of bubble types with unique abilities.
  • Combine bubbles strategically to unleash character-specific power-ups.
  • Accessible gameplay suitable for players of all skill levels.
  • Regular events, rewards, and challenges keep the game exciting.

For Download Angry Birds Dream Blast

About Angry Birds Dream Blast

Angry Birds Dream Blast invites players into a dreamy world where familiar Angry Birds characters embark on a fun bubble-busting journey. Set in the realm of dreams, players strategically match and burst bubbles to help birds overcome challenges in this delightful spin-off from the popular franchise.

In this whimsical game, players are immersed in a fantasy dream world filled with bubbles of different colors and patterns. The main gameplay revolves around tapping and matching groups of bubbles of the same color to make combinations and trigger satisfying bubble pops.

Angry Birds Dream Blast features a variety of bubbles, each with unique effects and abilities. From explosive pops to gravity-defying activities, as players progress through the levels they are faced with complex bubble systems and challenges.

The game features a series of lovable Angry Birds characters, each of whom has different personalities and abilities. By strategically combining bubbles, players can trigger character-specific power-ups to clear large sections of the grid or achieve specific level objectives.

With its accessible gameplay and user-friendly controls, Angry Birds Dream Blast offers an intuitive experience suitable for players of all skill levels. Regular events, rewards and challenges add layers of excitement, encouraging players to revisit levels and achieve better scores in this playful journey of dreams.

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