Album - EPIC: The Musical

King Lyrics – Jorge Rivera-Herrans

King Lyrics

In the heat of battle at the edge of the unknown
Somewhere in the shadows lurks an agile deadly foe
We have the advantage, we’ve the numbers and the might
No, you don’t understand it. This man plans for every fight

Where is he? Where is he?
Keep your head down, he’s aiming for the torches
Our weapons, they’re missing!
He’s using the darkness to hide his approaches
We’re empty handed up against an archer
Our only chance is to strike him in the darkness
We know these halls, the odds can be tilted

You don’t think I know my own palace?
I built it

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Damn, he’s more cunning than I assumed
While we were busy plotting, he hid our weapons inside this room

Artist – Jorge Rivera-Herrans

Release Date on 1 viewer

Album – EPIC: The Musical