EPIC: The Musical

I Can’t Help But Wonder Lyrics – Jorge Rivera-Herrans

I Can’t Help But Wonder Lyrics


All my life, I’d have died to meet you
Thought about your name so much it hurts
For twenty years I’d dreamt of how I’d greet you
Oh, and now you’re here
I can’t find the words

All my life I’d have died to know you
Days and nights I wish that I could show you
For twenty years I never could outgrow you
Oh, and now you’re here

I can’t help but wonder
What your world must be
If we’re like each other
If I have your strength in me
I can’t help but feel like
Sorrow’s all I’ve known
And I can’t help but realize
For so long I’ve felt alone

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Oh my son, look how much you’ve grown
Oh my boy, the sweetest joy I’ve known
Twenty years ago I held you in my arms
How time has flown, oh
Used to say I’d make the storm clouds cry for you
Used to say I’d capture wind and sky for you

Held you in my arms prepared to die for you, oh
How times has flown

I can only wonder
What your world has been
Things you’ve had to suffer
And the strength you hold within
All I’ve ever wanted
Was to reunite with my own
20 years we’ve wandered
But today you’re not alone

My son, I’m finally home!

Artist – Jorge Rivera-Herrans

Release Date on 1 viewer

Album – EPIC: The Musical