free to claim for the week on the Epic Games Store for Borderlands 3

This week marks the start of Epic Game Store’s annual Mega Sale, and to kick things off, Gearbox’s 2019 hit Borderlands 3 is free to pick up until May 26. In addition to Borderlands 3 being free, tons of games (over 1500 titles), including Far Cry 6, Ghostwire Tokyo, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, Red Dead Redemption 2, Dying Light and a lot more are on sale as well.

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Borderlands 3 while not the best Borderlands game, at least in our opinion, is still up there when it comes to RPG shooters. It’s also 2K Games’ fastest-selling game, selling over 5 million units in under a week. It has since sold over 15 million units. The Borderlands franchise is clearly something people want more of; even Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, which also happens to be on sale during the Epic Games Store Mega Sale, outperformed 2K’s expectations after it launched this March.

In our Borderlands 3 review, we mentioned that the story and writing were its weakest elements, with mostly unmemorable characters. Okay, unmemorable probably isn’t fair, but we certainly can’t recall the names of any of the new characters from Borderlands 3. However, story aside, Borderlands 3 definitely takes the gameplay up a few notches with plenty of quality of life improvements and a LOT more guns. It’s probably one of the most exciting things about Borderlands; waiting to see what the next gun will bring – legs? ricocheting bullets?? a personality??? Keep in mind that there have been several DLCs for the game that have been released since it launched, but what you’re getting for free is just the standard version.

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Borderlands 3 aside, Epic is planning another mystery vault game giveaway for next week, which will also most likely be a big hitter. As for the Mega Sale, more than 1500 games are on sale, plus, you get a 25% off coupon automatically added to your cart upon checkout. You may still have a coupon from previous EGS sales that might still work.


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