Toon Blast

Toon Blast

Toon Blast: A Playful Puzzle Adventure

Embark on a whimsical journey with Toon Blast, a colorful puzzle game developed by Peak Games. Join quirky characters in solving puzzles through strategic matching of colorful blocks, immersing yourself in a lighthearted toon universe.

Toon Blast Game Details

  • Last Updated: August 3, 2023
  • Platform: Android IOS
  • Current Version: 10838
  • Size: 78MB
  • Developer: Peak
  • Ratings: 4.6

Key Features

Feature Description
Addictive Gameplay Match colorful blocks strategically to clear puzzles and advance through imaginative levels.
Special Combos Create powerful combos and special blocks by matching larger groups or arranging blocks in specific patterns.
Social Features Form teams, compete in challenges, and participate in special events and tournaments with friends.
Lively Art Style Enjoy charming characters, playful animations, and imaginative backgrounds that evoke classic cartoons.
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About Toon Blast

Toon Blast welcomes players into a vibrant and whimsical cartoon world, offering addictive puzzle-solving fun developed by Peak Games.

Puzzle-Solving Adventure

In Toon Blast, players embark on a puzzle-solving adventure by matching and clearing blocks of the same color. Each level presents unique challenges, requiring strategic thinking and planning to achieve objectives.

Challenging Puzzles

As players progress, puzzles become increasingly challenging, introducing new mechanics, obstacles, and goals. Clear a certain number of blocks, collect specific items, or reach predetermined scores to advance through the game’s diverse levels.

Powerful Combos and Special Blocks

Unleash explosive combos by matching larger groups of blocks or arranging them strategically. Certain blocks possess unique abilities, such as rockets that clear entire rows or columns, adding depth and variety to the gameplay experience.

Social Interaction

Toon Blast encourages social interaction by allowing players to form teams and compete in challenges together. Join or create teams, collaborate with teammates, and participate in special events and tournaments for a sense of community and friendly competition.

Lighthearted Atmosphere

With its lively art style, charming characters, and cheerful sound effects, Toon Blast creates a playful and enjoyable atmosphere that complements its whimsical tone, offering an immersive and delightful gaming experience.


Toon Blast provides an addictive and engaging puzzle adventure, combining strategic matching with a playful aesthetic. With challenging puzzles, special combos, and social features, the game offers boundless fun for players of all ages. Dive into the quirky toon world, unleash your creativity, and embark on a colorful journey filled with exciting puzzles and endless entertainment.

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