Protests For Detroit Teen: Grace Detained Over Missed Homework

15-year-old student jailed for failing homework…Protest in US against court ruling

MICHIGAN:  A Michigan decides selection to send a 15-year-vintage lady to juvenile detention for violating her probation by now not finishing her online schoolwork. Lesson is conducted online in the United States due to corona virus infection. In this context, the Treasurer ordered the imprisonment of a 15-year-old American girl named Grace last May for failing to complete her homework. Thousands of students rallied at the school and court gates in support of the girl, known as Grace.

She placed on probation in mid-April thru a zoom juvenile court hearing after facing an attack and theft fee last year; one of the phrases of the probation became a requirement to do her schoolwork.

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Investigating the case of this student Auckland Family Court has ruled that the student violated the Code of Conduct by not completing homework.

He also ruled that it was a threat to the community. Judge Mary Ellen Bremen did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Thousands of students rallied in support of the girl at the school and court gates. The trial is set to begin on Monday in the Michigan Supreme Court. It is noteworthy that the case is now receiving extra attention because the convicted student is black.

Michigan’s Supreme Court stated on Thursday it might assessment Grace’s case after legal professionals for the teenager filed a motion in search of an emergency overview. The  Court Administrative Office is working with the Oakland Circuit Court to observe the strategies on this case,” John Nevin, the court docket’s communications’ director, said in a statement.