Cold Visions

OTHERSIDE Lyrics – Bladee


[Intro: Bladee]
(Cold Visions)

[Verse 1: Bladee]
Hash from Norway, twice the price
Half alive and sleep deprived
Nothing works, but sleep don’t hurt
Dirty life, baptized in dirt
In my soul, a growing hole
Void that spreads out of control
Panic, that became the norm
Out of fear, a child is born
Only calm once in the storm
Faith in stars I can’t afford
Time pass by and brought me more
Yet, I’m weaker than before
Learned some more and lost some more
But I know less than before
And on stage, I am a—
And I hold my face to floor
Dance on the edge of the blade
To do a raid on the ravе
We burn some sage just in casе
Toxic waste to the face (Yes, sir)
We in V6s, no plates
We burnin’ through the terrain
Fuck what it is, does it hit?
I got so rich off the spit
I post a pic, now you’re pissed
I’ll put your friends on the list
I’ll pay your rent for the year
Take care of you and your sis’
I’ll throw myself in a ditch (Ah)
I’ll hurt myself if you wish
Crawling in the sewer with an axe on the side
Dark tinted windows on the whip, let’s ride
Alligator shoes, everything reptile
Only I can talk about the night, it’s mine (Working on dying)
Searching for destruction under blue street lights (F1LTHY, what’s up, man? Been working on

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dying, man)
Hoodie on my head, sunglasses, dress shoes tied (It’s crazy)
Seen so many friends that strayed from the light
Baby, is it fine?
But, shit, I’m still doing lines
[Bridge: Bladee]
It’s bad even on a paradise island
I’m in hell in my mind even if I’m smiling
Just know that I’m fighting (Kill, kill, dumbass)
I’m sick, yeah, I know
Just keep it on the low

[Verse 2: Sickboyrari]
Thuggin’ in the field by my lone (Lone)
I push the button in the car and hear it vroom (Vroom)
I got racks in my pocket like a phone
With the gang, know we flyer than a drone
I’m with the gang, throwin’ up 4s, yellin’, “Shalom” (Shalom)
I’m with twin, locked in, that’s my clone
Me and Bladee start to sing like some crows
Take ’em through the Swedish woods, they gon’ know
Pop out with my gang through the trees like some creatures
KTS the scene (Scene), leave ’em bloody, but we ain’t gon’ bleach it
Euro coupe screechin’
Bloody like some leeches
Crowed up, stop the scene, then we get to beepin’
Crowed up, stop the scene, then we get to geekin’

[Outro: Sickboyrari]
For real though
It get real glarious

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Artist – Bladee

Release Date on Apr. 24, 2024

Album – Cold Visions

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