Cold Visions

LUCKY LUKE Lyrics – Bladee


[Intro: Bladee]
Let’s fucking go

[Verse 1: Bladee]
I used to be Luke with the force
That boy don’t live here anymore

That boy was never into sports
I carried the Olympic torch
Please don’t get too close, you might get scorched
Might have an illness, yes, I’m sure
They think I’m stealin’ in this store
I’m winnin’ dirty boy awards
All white, it’s Snow White, seven dwarves
Lucky Luke, came out winning wars
Did this ten years, how many more?
When I retire, burn the corpse
Am I the freshest? Yes, of course
But it’ll never be like before
Don’t even know what I want anymore
Life has the chance through any storm
The money never made me happy, but it never made me sad
This shit had never made a difference, but, shit, I carry the flag
They tried to trick me, man, it’s tricky when you collectin’ heavy bag
I had to kill a couple millions in they face, it make me laugh

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[Verse 2: Thaiboy Digital]
I had to kill a couple mil’ just to kick back here and chill
And while I’m rollin’ up this blunt, I’ma tell you how I feel
My life is the one that I choose, steppin’ in Christian Loub’
Young Thaiboy, I don’t read no book, I pull up the bank and go to the moon
It be blood, sweat, and tears on the way
But I got the eyes on the prize anyway
So no need to roll the dice anymore
To me, it’s some kind of a life anyway
So I hop in and roll, on go with the rack
Thirty for a show, I spend it right back
I feel like Montana, I’m shipping the bag
I feel like Jeff Bezos when I’m in the bank
[Bridge: Yung Lean]
We stay on the psycho shit, don’t like no other summer clique
We stay on the psycho shit, we run this shit, that’s ’cause we win

[Verse 3: Yung Lean]
We from the snow where it’s all forming, all that extra shit’s not for me
If you love me, be there for me, it’s the purest form of glory
Got the purest, wildest story out of any category
Feel like Dexter in my own world, always cookin’, laboratory
I was stuck in purgatory, seven years like Thaiboy’s story
Got to wait and through it all, now we in the booth, Gud gon’ record me

Champion story

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[Verse 4: Bladee]
This shit so easy, just don’t panic
Man, we add a splash of magic
Man, we extra, face this challenge
We the biggest and the baddest
We the raddest, we been had it
Ask around, man, we been at it
Ash on the floors in the palace
I’ll draw faster than my shadow


Artist – Bladee

Release Date on Apr. 24, 2024

Album – Cold Visions

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