EPIC: The Musical

Love in Paradise Lyrics – Jorge Rivera-Herrans

Love in Paradise Lyrics

Morning sleepyhead
You’ve been resting for a while
I swore that you were dead
When you washed up on my isle
Did you know you talk in your sleep?
Tell me, though, who’s Penelope?

She’s my wife

Anyways, I’ve got all you could want here
All you could need here
Just you and me, my dear, my love for life
Soon into bed we’ll climb and spend our time

I’m not your man

I’m what you want here
I’m what you need here
Just you and me, my love in paradise
Now til the end of time
From here on out, you’re mine, all mine
Hell no, I could kill you where you stand
I’m no pet, I’m a married man

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Oh handsome, you may try
But last I checked, goddesses can’t die


You’re adorable
Bow down now to the immortal Calypso, here to entertain
But fear not, I bring no pain
Cause we’ve got
All we could want here
All we could need here
Under my spell, we’re stuck in paradise
No one can come nor go, my island stays unknown

No, no
I don’t belong here
There’s something wrong here
I won’t be drawn to love in paradise
Not till the end of time, there is no way
You’re mine, all mine

Artist – Jorge Rivera-Herrans

Release Date on 1 viewer

Album – EPIC: The Musical