Large-scale Xbox leaks from the Microsoft v. FTC legal dispute: Xbox haptic controller, Xbox Series S and X updates, and more



    • Three Xbox devices that are slated for release in 2024 have been made public thanks to leaked FTC records.


    • Furthermore, one additional piece of information regarding Xbox’s 2028 next-generation system was also included in the docs.


    • The Xbox Series X mid-gen refresh is expected to launch in October 2024.


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Microsoft and FTC are going against each other and the court case has leaked some really important information regarding Microsoft’s future plans for Xbox. The FTC documents have revealed that there are three Xbox devices that are scheduled to be released in 2024. The three devices are the Xbox Series X mid-gen refresh, the Xbox Series S mid-gen refresh, and a universal Xbox controller. Along with that, the documents also contained one more piece of information about Xbox’s next-gen console for 2028.

Xbox Series S mid-gen refresh codenamed Ellewood

Microsoft released a black Xbox Series S with more storage at a higher price a while back. Further details regarding the Xbox Series S mid-generation console, codenamed Ellewood, which is expected to launch in August 2024 with up to 1 TB of storage, have now been discovered in the FTC documents. It is anticipated that this mid-generation Series S refresh will retail for $299 (roughly ₹25,000).

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Xbox Series X mid-gen refresh codenamed Brooklyn

The Xbox Series X mid-gen refresh is expected to launch in October 2024. This new mid-gen refresh could see a change in design. The documents revealed that the Series X mid-gen refresh codenamed Brooklyn will launch without a disc drive and run only digital games. Next, it is also revealed that the console might pack up to 2 TB of storage and feature a USB Type-C port. The shape is also expected to be cylindrical, unlike the current Xbox X series which is cubical. It might launch in October 2024 with a price of $499 (approx ₹41,000).

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New Xbox Controller codenamed Sebille

This new Xbox Controller is also expected next year in May. What’s special about it? It might feature Bluetooth 5.2 and an Xbox Wireless 2 wireless connection protocol. Further, it is a universal controller that can be used in gaming consoles, PC, and cloud gaming. The controller is also expected to launch with haptic feedback. The court case documents revealed the controller will feature “precision haptic feedback” and “VCA haptics double as speakers.” The price of the controller mentioned in the documents are $69.99.

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Xbox’s next-gen console for 2028

Microsoft seems to be working on its next-gen console which will be released in 2028. Now this next-gen console could be powered by Zen 6 CPU and Navi 5 GPU. Furthermore, these consoles might also add Next-gen DirectX Ray-tracing.