Jio Glass: Reliance Jio Announced First Smart Glass for 3D Interactions

Jio glass with the immersive mixed realty services, and 3D video conferencing

Reliance Jio has launched a new product named as Jio Glass. This Jio Glass will be a 3D interaction service that will feature a hologram replica of the person communicating. Jio Glass is mainly focused on the goal of digital education.

Key Features of 3D Glasses –

  • Jio Glass is the first smart glasses by Reliance Jio.
  • Jio Glass can utilize 3D symbols to improve connections in the virtual world.
  • Jio Glass will be used for virtual classrooms to teach students online.
  • The Jio Glass weighs just 75gm and comes with personalized audio
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Reliance’s Kiran Thomas announced Jio Glass. Jio Glass allows students and teachers to interact through virtual 3D classrooms. Through this, learning can be done using holographic technology. For this, Jio will provide the facility of real-time telecasting using the technology of reality cloud. Jio-Glasses will add a history of learning geography through books and its first-hand experience through holograms, said Thomas.

The service of Jio Glass has been brought to the market to make 3D technology accessible for everyone. It will use mixed reality for video conferences and remote communication with people, and it’s video conferencing facility will allow you to view the digital image of the person communicating in front of the hologram, which will help make the conversation feel more real. It also supports voice commands for most functions, minimizing the need for buttons.

There will also be two microphones on the glass that will help users while video conferencing. There is a camera in the center of two frames, right above the bridge, which will click photos and upload them in real-time to any video conference, plus the images can be saved to the paired smartphone.

To access content on the device, the company will provide a simple cable that can be attached to the smartphone

Jio Glass Aviators will weigh 75 grams. JIo Glass will be able to transfer data by connecting it to the mobile via a wire. The company says that the ease of this transfer will allow Jio Glass to be used for a variety of purposes. Currently, Jio Glass supports 25 applications, the company said.

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Reliance Jio has not said much about Jio Glass, including its specifications, other features. The cost and accessibility of the Jio Glass have also not been disclosed.