Japan battered by heavy rain, floods; 58 dead

The heavy rains are battering large areas of Japan’s main island, causing more rivers to overflow, triggering mudslides and destroying houses and roads.

The heavy rainfall, which began early Saturday in southern Japan, was moving toward the northeastern parts of the country.

The death toll from the heavy rains starting over the weekend had risen to 58, most of them from the hardest-hit Kumamoto prefecture. Several casualties were reported in Fukuoka, a prefecture on Kyushu, Japan’s third-largest island. The Japanese government also advised some 3.6 million people across the country to evacuate their homes and move to safer places.

Despite the fact that the downpours were causing crisp flooding dangers in focal Japan, flooding was all the while influencing the southern locale. Furthermore, search and salvage activities proceeded in Kumamoto, where 14 individuals are still missing.

A huge number of armed force troops, police and other salvage laborers prepared from around the nation to help, and the salvage tasks have been hampered by the downpours, flooding, landslides and upset correspondences.