False Realities Lyrics

False Realities Lyrics – Eric Cohen

False Realities Lyrics

He’s powerful
Creep into your house at night
Not hurt instead alert
Of the price you have upon your life
He comes to give you admonition

Devil’s real he’s on a mission
Taking everything you have
Leave you hopeless
Have you wishin
Wishin you could change your ways
Wishin for the end of days
Wishin for your life to end
So you don’t have to feel the pain
The pain and suffering
It’s uncovering
The lies you buy so deep inside
I feel my soul is shuddering
But call upon the name
The only who saves
The name of Jesus Christ
The one and only chosen King
Seek salvation
Change a nation
It’s time to change a generation
Reverse the curse upon this earth
Take away disinformation
We buying lies
Super sized
Digesting deep inside our minds
Making us feel heavy
This wasn’t what was advertised
Wasn’t what was promised
Wasn’t what was meant to be
This shouldn’t be the eternal prize
This cannot be our destiny

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Believing false reality
I can feel consuming me
Opened up my eyes to see
Believing false reality

Let’s come back to reality
Are you feeling your mortality
Look around let’s figure out
Where’s the abnormalities
Where’s the picture getting blurred
Death is selling it’s absurd
It’s official it’s confirmed
The selling of our souls occurred
Set aside our moral conscience
Flesh is winning we unconscious
Walking on a battlefield
No armor on straight up nonsense
Trading life away
The thrills are cheap it’s not okay
Think about the consequence
You better know before you pay
Playing with eternity
Open up your eyes and see
Where’s the puzzle missing pieces
Fit em in and you’ll be free
Free to make the right decision
Take a pause now let’s envision
The love inside us redefine us
Let it free with such precision
Every word fulfills objective
Sitting deep inside your conscience
The truth is louder then the doubting
Within my mind I know it’s nonsense
Buying into labels
Trusting in the world’s broken concepts
Crossing lines I don’t define
Eating lies that had no context
So delicious
So nutritious
Caught up in the repetition
Blinding me with shiny things
Losing focus on a mission
Got me wishing
I’m dismissing
Lies don’t give a definition
I ain’t buying what your pitching
You won’t find me out here switching

Believing false reality
I can feel consuming me
Opened up my eyes to see
Believing false reality

It’s time to have a conversation
Nation rising against nation
Getting nasty feel the hatred
The end is near no contemplation
Devastation in my basement
Watching bombs they hit the pavement
How did I become complacent
Losing focus disengaging
It’s discouraging
Read the news got the blues
I see that things are worsening
Buzzards circling overhead
Plucking off the flesh of dead
Looking for their daily bread
The ones in charge are murdering
Taking life away
I see these things their not okay
Prophecy fulfilling
And I’m prepping for a judgment day
Get on board it’s not too late
To change your ways
To change your fate
Listen now don’t hesitate
The end is near don’t be late
If you have the right reaction
Guaranteed your satisfaction
Not a common interaction
I’m not buying the distraction
Looking through the veil
The truth is here to be revealed
No longer is the Word concealed
Raise your hands if you need healed
Feel that holy spirit power
Let it in and it devours
All the things that make us sour
Cleansing for the final hour
Taking all the rotten fruit
Years of darkness has produced
All the things we let seduce
Disinfect our point of view

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Believing false reality
I can feel consuming me
Opened up my eyes to see
Believing false reality

Believing false reality
I can feel consuming me
Opened up my eyes to see
Believing false reality

The enemy is gunning
Left the motor running

Artist – Eric Cohen

Release Date on 1 viewer

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