Call Of Duty Mobile Season 3 Update: Everything You Need To Know

Call of duty at hand Mobile Season 3 Tokyo Escape is presently live for all players of COD Mobile across the world. The new Season 3 update acquires the Japanese subject to the well known multiplayer and fight royale game with components like blades, samurai, ninjas with the Sakura season to certain guides. Close by, the new Season 3 update likewise adds new weapons, guides, and administrators to the game. Here’s beginning and end the new Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 Tokyo Escape brings to the table.

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Honorable obligation Mobile Season 3 Update: New Maps

The Season 3 of COD Mobile brings two new guides, Oasis and Coastal to the multiplayer mode. The Oasis map is accessible at this moment while the Coastal guide will be added later in April to the multiplayer map list.


Desert garden is a near mid-range battle map that is loaded up with slender halls, wellsprings and that’s just the beginning. Honorable obligation Modern Warfare 2 fans will be comfortable with Oasis. The guide has a desert subject going for itself and is likewise facilitating a Desert Sanctuary occasion for players to gather a few prizes. Players will actually want to hop directly into Oasis from the highlighted tab in the multiplayer mode named Oasis all day, every day Playlist.

Later in April, Call of Duty Mobile will get the Coastal guide which is a sea side unspoiled town setting. This guide is quite huge than Oasis and has celebration stylistic layout with plentiful grand perspectives on the ocean. The engineers have likewise uncovered that Coastal was worked in view of Search and Destroy mode which energizes strategic based interactivity with your partners including modes like Domination, Hardpoint and Headquarters.

Honorable obligation Mobile Season 3 Update: New Weapons

The new Season 3 update likewise gets two new weapons to COD Mobile, the PP19 Bizon, and the Renzetti. The PP19 Bizon is an SMG that is accessible at Battle Pass Tier 21 and has a quick fire rate, low force, and reloads rapidly. It is suggested for use in close-quarter battles. It has a harm pace of 38, fire pace of 80 with a precision of 60.

In the interim, the Renetti is a quick shooting gun with high backlash and will be added to the game in future updates. The gun can be combined with essential weapons that have a sluggish shoot rate like expert marksmen and then some.

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