Telly Lyrics – Chris Nightingale , Tim Minchin

Telly Lyrics – Chris Nightingale , Tim Minchin


Somewhere on a show I heard
That a picture tells a thousand words
So telly, if you bothered to take a look
Is the equivalent, of like, lots of books!

All I know I learned from telly
This big beautiful box of facts
If you know a thing already
Baby, you can switch the channel over just like that
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Endless joy and endless laughter…
Folks living happily ever after…
All you need to make you wise
Is 23 minutes plus advertisements
Why would we waste our energy?
Turning the pages 1, 2, 3
When we can sit comfortably
On our lovely bumferlies
Watching people singing and talking and doing stuff?!
All I know I learned from telly
The bigger the telly, the smarter the man!
You can tell from my big telly
Just what a clever fella I am!
Take it away, son
(Michael plunks out a few notes on a guitar)
You can’t learn that from a stupid book

All I know I learned from telly –
What to think and what to buy
I was pretty smart already
But now I’m really, really smart – very very smart
Endless content, endless channels…
Endless chat on endless panels…
All you need to fill your muffin
Without having to really fink or nothing!

Featuring:Paul Kaye
Produced By:Chris Nightingale & Tim Minchin
Written By:Tim Minchin
Recorded At:AIR Studios, London
Release Date:September 13, 2011