Knights Of The Old Republic remake reportedly in development at Aspyr

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A remaster of the admired Star Wars RPG Knights Of The Old Republic is underway, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier unveiled recently.

Schreier broke the news while guesting on the MinnMax digital recording (through Eurogamer), affirming that Aspyr is building up the KOTOR change. The studio had recently ported KOTOR to iOS and as of late brought more established Star Wars games like Republic Commando, Episode 1 Racer, and the Jedi Knight arrangement to Switch.

In any case, while Aspyr has to a great extent zeroed in on ports and little modernizations, Schreier proposes that this might be a full change. Regardless of whether this implies just upscaling resources or betting everything with new models, surfaces and shaders stay to be seen.

Bits of gossip about a KOTOR restoration have been getting out and about for quite a while. EA was thought to have greenlit a continuation a year ago, one that would align the initial two games with the current standard.

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