September 27, 2021

Fumez The Engineer

[Zone 2] Plugged In Freestyle Lyrics – Zone 2

[Intro: Trizzac]
Two, two, two, come on
Zone 2, plugged in
Shoutout Fumez, shoutout Pressplay
Some gang shit
Free all the guys, revive the opps
You know how it gets
Nobody’s safe
Cmon, free all the members

[Verse 1: Trizzac]
They lie on songs, dem’ man ain’t on
Come like their battery died
Got them on ropes, but not like tied
Loose always takes them long, long strides (He’s dashin’)
I swear that practice makes perfect
Why do you think that we go on glides?
The ting gets parked off, not like Hyde
No rollercoaster, I love dem’ rides (I love them)
Like a bad B I love to ride
When we seek, they go and hide
Pull up like “hi” or they run like “bye”
I laughed at my cousin, the opps just cried
When we come it’s narrow or wide
Us man got way too much pride (We do)
Opp block lurkin’, ding-dong skkrin’
Truss’ me we don’t use no guide
Directions, Waze or Maps
I chinged his chest but Kenz his back
See gang they start to shake, no shack
No cap, this wap cost over a rack
She’s on her knees, she came from Hack’
I want them keys, but not like Jack
Dem man saw CJ, no relay
He should’ve just run dem’ laps (He shoulda’ ran)
You can get opened like tin
I’m itchin’, really tryna turn man Djinn (Ah)
I’m really tryna turn man duppy
Load this pumpy and slap at him (Pow, pow)
When they get splash, did they use their fins?
RM Sav done gave him a trim (He chinged him)
The opps tryna go for the win
That’s not possible, just like Kim (No way)

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[Verse 2: Kwengface]
Yo, Zone 2 step in my Jordans
My Jordans, man do it like Nike (Oi)
I like them tings all naughty, all naughty
I don’t like them nice (Come ‘ere)
OT trips get mashy
If not then I put my Nikes on the opp block curb tryna do these patties (They step)
Why these Moscow yutes be so chatty? (Where they at?)
These Harlem yutes a disgrace
But they know their place, us man get crashy (Hm)
Tryna chop this light in peace, but, JT’s gettin’ catty
I got a bad B up in my passy
She wanna suck me off, I said “gladly” (Woo)
See an opp, I can’t bear but to dish that hair like my name is Camille & Pape (Right now)
I got flake parked off in the T for the drought
But I might bring it out for Corona (Might)
This ting says she’s into Sosa
I told her “I trap and I whip up yola”
I done brought that pump to your strip
See all of them cut, now I feel like Omar
I’m tryna do this Spanish one
But she told me, “tu vida es loca” (Mad)
63 grams in the crackpot
Bark my zoot, then it’s back to the trapspot
If an opp boy dies on the strip and we didn’t do that
Man, it’d still be a jackpot
My bro just chopped down a brick (Still winnin’)
Man do it like Mr. Miyagi (Hm)
I done cheffed that yute on a bait ting
Good thing I done brought my gloves and my bally

[Verse 3: Karma]
Fur coat and an all-black trackie
Gloves, Air Ones and an all-black bally
Rammy on waist and my hands on rammy (Splash)
Water, we get splashy
Stain Ts like string Cherry B’s and Maggie
I’m lookin’ at my opp boy’s vids
And all I see is Cali
Their friends in baggies and my friends happy
They have flashbacks when they jump in cabbies (Dickheads)
See us don’t run, don’t go-go
You’re just gonna get your backshot, no homo (Brap)
The YG’s savage and loco
Youngest in charge of the borough or postcode
If it ain’t Pecks, I don’t give a fuck (No way)
True say anything go-go (True)
Even if it’s in-house beef
I don’t give two Ts, everything local
Fuck the socials
I got it live-O I ain’t makin’ no phone calls
My guys dem scrummy, not noble
The pagans bitches, they ain’t got no balls (No cap)
I need some Gelato chin
Deliver that pack like Yodel (Shout bro)
The opps dem thought they could beef us
Lol, they must have been doin’ up snowball
I still got opps on ends
Got opps off ends and opps near Oval (Ay)
The 44 kicks like pro-ball
Do it real-life, let it blast like Goku (Ayy)
Do it real life, let it blast like Goku (Ayy, bang)

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[Verse 4: LR]
(LR baby)
Don’t be a friend of a paigon
We bored down Paul for affiliation
Didn’t really have confirmation
Now look, he’s been booked in as a patient
I’m gonna make it, I just need patience
Lucky – made it with all the shavin’
No cap, thought he was fadin’, should’ve faded (Should’ve faded)
Wave it, shave it or shoot it, then go
I’m LR, baby, so she can go low (Ayy)
Went on the ride, can’t bring my phone
So when I don’t answer my sweet one knows
Still pull up in a dinger, bam, bam then go (Bow)
That’s facts, so I gotta make that well-known
When I’m out mum prays that I make it home
Know they gotta grip, gotta grab my soul
Yo, who’s that? Ching him or boot that
That day saw us jump out, turn Johan
Man can’t lack, grip that they know man (Ayy)
Gyal with a back tryna say how she knows man
Baby, I walk with a stick, I’m an old man (Ayy)
I’m a savage, I don’t know about romance
Remember that day Karma try M J
Smooth Criminal, and he done him a bad
He got left red, so give him a pad (Haha)
You don’t wanna see me pull up with Max or splash partner, that’s RM Sav (Ay)
Splash, how many man been splashed (How much?)
They rush when they see us, they know that we’re tapped
Mad, — got left by his lads
And he got chinged up till he froze, collapsed (Ayy)


Album – Plugged In: S1 (2020)
Featuring – Karma (Zone 2), LR (Zone 2), Kwengface, Trizzac
Produced by JM-00