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Youngest To Do it Lyrics

Ayy, ay

Youngest to do it ahead my time my soul been here for a minute
Pray to lord we killed em’ on a drill and after that I had repented
Sinnin’ and spinnin’ I really wanna quit it but the job never finish
Want them and they feelings
I couldn’t find cuz so his brother had to get it
Really want peace but these niggas keep fuckin’ with me, so I’m fuckin’ them up in the streets
Niggas police, they can rap on a beat but they still bringing people into beef-
Shout out to all my grapes who deep in this gang life to escape
World must be upside down if u see drop my flag
Keepin’ it up, first drill had a purple rag tiеd ’round my face
I was fourteen sendin’ shots through what’s his name housе u can ask Lil Trey
Missing pieces of the puzzle what’s the name or what’s the name like Russel
Pages torn out the story right before the chapter that was tied to glory
Tryin’ to find what I lost like Dory, but the journey was a struggle
Whole time what I needed right in front of me in my inventory
Woah, back on my old shit, I get you exposed quick
Woah, know u whole bitch, my hoe got more nuts than you
Real ain’t gotta say they real but I’m more realer than niggas who fuck with
I done did more for niggas than they own fam, they still say fuck me-
Tried to step out of yo’ position now you living with a regretted decision
When u leave u can’t come back I’m on to better things my love
Should’ve been cut you off I was somewhat hoping shit turn great
That was the biggest mistake, you fooled me once u don’t get two more takes
If I fucked you with a glove on my life would be more okay
Lost files, new motives, brand new car V-12 motor
My seats a massage sofa then I fell asleep when I control it
Rolls Royce umbrella God make it rain when I told him
Bro said I ain’t got shooting stars ’til I pointed and I showed him
My car cost more than my house bitch I’m lit nigga on God
God forgive me I been feeling empty
A whole lot of envy been trying to come near me
Repented to killin’ I make the decision to kill anything living
They try to come fuck with my vision
Been seeing the hate through my lenses
I’m blind to the facts or opinions if it go anything I’m representing
Deep down I’m showing resentment
[?] never [?], I live by the fifth amendment
Every sentence that I’m representing
Don’t get intentions that I was intending
No puns intended
But to the people I invented, hoping you can apprehend me
Understand where I’m going
[?] for the life that I’m livin’
Don’t tell me I’m trippin’

Album – Me vs. Me (Expt December 2021)
Song Released December 3, 2021

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