Wisconsin – Adult Mom Lyrics

Last night I dreamt
I was still in love with her and
It felt funny, strange, like deja vu
To you again, how weird
Last night our knees kissed
On the couch of your parent’s basement
Your arm brushed mine as you
Reaching over me to grab your water

What does that mean?
Do you want me?
I’ve seen light creep
Out the sides of your eyes
At midnight

The other day we drove through Wisconsin
And I was not afraid
Have you ever seen grass so green
I’d like to show you many things

What would it mean?
If I did need it?
Sometimes I think
That I don’t need it
And then my phone blinks
A message from you, “Hello again”

Writer – Stevie Knipe
Album – Driver(2021)
produced by Kyle Pulley & Stevie Knipe
Release – March 2021

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