Wintering Lyrics – The 1975

Wintering Lyrics – The 1975

Yeah, it’s just like
It should start, it just
It should just come straight in
And just be like—

[Verse 1]
She walks down the stairs, feeling herself
Lookin’ like she just won a court case

He’s got a funny way of using the same
Four chords for every song he makes
He’s called Bill and he plays with words
Like a skill, yeah he’s pretty great

He said his official friend died ’cause of a officiate

Yeah, she’s called Hannah and she plays the Joanna

Grade eight but she’s got no soul
John’s obsessed with fat ass and hе’s ten years old
Oh, Dad’s an Otis Redding at a wеdding type guy

With the best voice you ever heard
He said, Give me a date I can work on, my heart hurts

I get home on the twenty-third
I’ll drive up on the twenty-third

[Verse 2]
And I bumped into Julie in the co-op

She asked how the family’s been
I said, Alex is a sculptor and Olivia’s been a vegan since ten
While Vin wears dresses while Debbie coalesces in a fleece that doesn’t work

And I’ll be givin’ my chair to my Mum ’cause her back hurts

I get home on the twenty-third
Yeah, I drive up on the twenty-third (Yeah, yeah)

Now Mum’s not a fan of that line about her back
She said it makes her sound frumpy and old
I said, Woman, you are sixty-four years old

[Verse 3]
Now, stop the percussion, I wanna have a discussion
And it’s Christmas so this is gonna be a nightmare
I just came for the stuffin’, not to argue about nothin’
But mark my words[Chorus]
I’ll be home on the twenty-third
Yeah, I drive up on the twenty-third
(Yeah, I come home on the twenty-third)

Album – Being Funny in a Foreign Language By The 1975

Release Date – October 14, 2022