September 27, 2021

The Million Masks of God

Way Back Lyrics – Manchester Orchestra

[Verse 1]
I don’t miss you
The way that I did
Rearrange me
Buried again
Now I can’t find you
Oh, where have you been?
The opened closet
The terror begins

[Chorus 1]
Way back, way back
Way back, way back

[Verse 2]
How’d I miss it?
And where did it go?
Searching cobwebs
Finally, alone
Now I see it
There is nothing to hold
Let me fix it
Move, move

[Chorus 2]
Wave back, wave back
Wave back, wave back
Wave back, way back
Wave back, way back

When it began, I was starvin’, wide eyed and alone, afloat
I wanted to turn off my time and ignore what was done, thе gun
The only demand I could muster was bеgging you no, so know
I’m moving to mute all my memories I made in that moat, I know
That I won’t stop breathing
I know (So young to fall)
That I won’t (So learn to fall)
Stop (So learn to fall)

Album – The Million Masks of God
Produced by Robert McDowell, Andy Hull, Ethan Gruska & Catherine Marks

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