UNKNOWN 3/5 Lyrics – Earl Sweatshirt

UNKNOWN 3/5 Lyrics

And this morning felt peculiar when I get up
Different nigga in the mirror, had to size up
Brooded with the blinds up
This block quiet ’round the corner where they robbing
I promise you though it’s all here
The falls and the rise and the dark and the light
Be the truth where you find it, success is options
Stress get awful
If that nigga over seven then I bet he watching Sweaty often
Cause my water calm and deep
Y’all still creeks gon’ dry up eventually
Still not gon’ miss ’em and that thought just tickled me pink
Think I must of lost a piece of my lung to the sink
You know you can’t run from no repercussions
Can’t run when the reaper lift up his sleeves
And then brush it
It’s bleak in the bubble that most my peoples grew up in
Can’t run from the street
Designed to mislead and corrupt ya
I said it before, my head in the sky
My feet in the struggle
Tryna’ keep peace on my mind
But recently, swear the scuffle been heated with mine
Swear if my voice of reason only beat up my pride
Like half the time that I needed it
It feeling like I’m the only one I’m cheating with
Creep up my spine
My nigga fronting like these substances
That weaken my drive
Crack phone full of bitches
Tryna’ eat up my time
Stop snitching motherfucker, keep ya leash on ya dimes
Stop dropping ’em, bitch ass nigga

Album – Sick! (Expt 2022)
Song Released – December 21, 2015

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