Twelve Year Circus Lyrics – For God and Country

Twelve Year Circus Lyrics

it was a day like any other
my son he turned to me and said
father wherever did we go so wrong
i thought it over for a minute and saidson for twelve years
there was a circussometimes i want to dream my life away
and other times it all seems wrong
still other days i want to throw my life away
that’s when i know i don’t belongnow when i’m down some people ask me
just when and where my luck did change
i smile and say the eighties broke my spirit
’cause when the circus came to town
i was in it’s waythis charade is not for me
just put aside what i think it means to me
just put aside my eccentricities
there’s nothing for me in this one horse town
at least until the circus came around

lyrics:twelve year circus
album:for god and country
artist:good riddance

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