September 27, 2021

Fumez The Engineer

[TPL] Plugged In Freestyle Lyrics – TPL

[Intro: Jojo]
Ayo TR, go crazy on these niggas man
Fumez the Engineer
Plugged In
TPL, TP Hell
Still by the costa
Free Yolo
Free Bills
Free the conspiracy squad

[Verse 1: Jojo]
I don’t know ’bout BM
I’m on my block from AMs to PMs
I know they pray that I don’t see them
Dickhead civilians, talking on GMs
You chat ’bout waps, you ain’t seen them
Allow all the chatting, get straight to the squeezing
Really in the field than the deep ends
Best not drown like swimming on the weekend

[Verse 2: O’mizz]
Target locked, complete that mission
Astra swerving, lurking, purging
DC Gang, get ’round on violence
Got beef with local liars
But it’s all calm, get hit with fire
Vengeance like Michael Myers
Zombie K, that’s corona virus
Get sent to the sky like pilots

[Verse 3: Jojo]
I dunno how Camz is alive
I dunno how Lz is alive
I dunno how Izz didn’t die
Only started riding, it’s about time
Trapo got shot, man I heard he cried
Two day tappers, how did they survive?
We lurk on them, they always hide
Touch them buttons and air them bines

[Verse 4: O’mizz]
Dip him, dip him, shotgun blicking
Fat boy ran then he got left spilling
Juice on mittens, bro’s on chingings
Two’s in the trap, get straight to the whipping
I’m at costa chilling
Get a latte, tell broski bill it
Baby I don’t wine and dine
I’m stuck on the strip tryna clear this nine
The cats need their high
They’re walking around like Frankenstein
Adidas tracksuit, letting off bines
Terrorise guys like Jekyll and Hyde

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[Verse 5: Jojo]
They ain’t beefing us
He got chinged, now he turned to bud
He got shaved and he got puffed
Two in the gauge, I don’t give a fuck
Rambo blade, I’m wettin’ him up
Aim for his top, I’m leaving him rubbed
Don’t get got and put on the subs
Bro gets gassed when I phone up the plug
Bands and flavours
You be lying if you say you don’t rate us
Sticky situation
Pull up my pants and give him a shavers
And now they think me and O done made it
Two million views, still slanging on pavements
Opps get touched, I don’t know if they’re shameless
Blade on my waist and I hope it ain’t blatant

[Verse 6: O’mizz]
Yo bro, are you listening?
I swear that their gang unlucky
Like how many opps got caught in traffic?
This shits all funny
Like *** got caught and *** got caught
But they stepped on the gas in a hurry
Oh shit, unlucky
He got dished like chicken curry
Send shots like Andy Murray
Best times two, left the whole scene bloody
No, Miss I don’t think that I’ve lost it
But the new Glock broski done copped it
Social beef, just stop it
Put 6 in the spin and pop it
I don’t chase man down cah I smoke too much
Get hit with a pocket rocket

Fumez the Engineer

Album – Plugged In: S1 (2020)
Featuring – O’mizz (TPL), Jojo (TPL)
Produced by TR The Producer