Three Cheers For Ottawa (Go Leafs Go) Lyrics – Adam Sandler

Three Cheers For Ottawa (Go Leafs Go) Lyrics

Heres a little story
about a hockey team
who may just win the stanley cup
but only in there dreams
The team is from ottawa
the senators is there name
soon to be inducted in the golfing hall of fame
they say they’ll beat our leafers
HA now there’s a funny joke
cause every year at playoff time
the senators always choke

So 3 cheers for ottawa
a real team they are nottawa
they can give all that they gottawa
but the stanley cup will never go to Ottawa

Ottawa has their Parlament
and MPs in the news
and its kinda like their hockey team
they talk a lot but don’t produce
there not the brightest either
I really have to say
when the capital of our country
spells Canada with a K (hey thats kanada)

Oh 3 cheers for Ottawa
they think they got a shottawa
they must be smokin pottawa
cuz the stanley cup will never go 2 ottawa

u better press your flood pants
its that time once again
2 here that familar ottawa senators saying
T off is at 10
so get ready for the crying
take out your hankerchief
you’re about to get your ass kicked
by the toronto maple leafs

Oooh 3 cheers 4 ottawa
a lesson they’ll be taughtawa
Hossa and Havlattawa
youll soon be golfing alotawa

What the hell else rhymes with Ottawa
not a whole heck of alotawa
there the team we already forgotawa
cuz the Stanley cup will never go to Ottawaaaaaaaa

By – Adam Sandler

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