The new Minecraft real-time strategy game

There’s reportedly a new game underway in Minecraft, and this time it’s going to be a real-time strategy title. This information comes courtesy of Jeff Gerstmann who talked about this upcoming Minecraft game on his Twitch channel. According to Gerstmann, the game is currently in testing, and it puts players in control of the main character who can command other characters to go up against Minecraft’s enemies.

New Minecraft

He explained: “From the basic descriptions, and I got to see some screenshots of it, it feels like a real-time strategy game – a sort of RTS. But the difference is you’re controlling a Steve-esque entity in the arena. And arranging your units around in third-person view. And you’re taking the piglins and there’s going to be a story and cut-scenes and all that.” Gerstmann further said that he thought this new game might be shown in the next few weeks — just as the upcoming Microsoft and Bethesda conferences.

Gerstmann, however, declined to provide details about which studio is working on the project. Interestingly, this is Microsoft’s first Minecraft spin-off. Minecraft Dungeons is one of the most popular such titles.


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