The Lost Battles Lyrics – Earl Sweatshirt

The Lost Battles Lyrics

That’s all that he did
2 to 6 some of us still in the sticks
Baby blue crib be true to the trim
Visits from shooters and kids, scholars and boosters it’s Friday where we do it
Real foodies come thru for the lick
Spidey sense flash whiplash maneuver the webs
The info highway, forgot where you crash
Yawn and the laugh, the yard thick, God’s plan
You thinking if only’s I go get it and send it before em
Whole time the memory stalking
Whole vine don’t need to be chopped
Slick fox, like Ricky we tend to the crops
Kick rocks, get lost, we gone leave a mark
Marked out cause you wrong this test isn’t hard
Infamous mob how we gon end in the starts
Scars, injuries, end up with battery charge
The battle was lost, war won I had one but I’m out of remarks
Out of sparks came the galaxy thoughts, lost

Album – Sick! (Expt 2022)
Song Released – November 11, 2018

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