The Five Alive Song Lyrics – 11:18

The Five Alive Song Lyrics

I drink my Five Alive real slow
Out of a striped blue bendy straw
I like my Five Alive real cold
And leave some time to let it thaw
I’ve tried a lot of other drinks
But nothing seemed to do the trick
No juice could beat my Five Alive
Unreal assorted fruit juice mix

The other day I was at school
Sipping my Five Alive looking cool
Bumped into you and spilled my juice
All over you felt like a fool
But you just looked at me and smiled
“Hey baby I like your style”

You like Five Alive and I like you
You like Five Alive and you’re cool
I like Five Alive and you like me
I want to have some after school with you

You drink so fast it makes me sick
You’re my Five Alive sidekick
Every day you cheer me up
With Five Alive in a plastic cup
You’re my juiced-up sugarbaby
If you asked me now I might say maybe
I want you to be
My Five Alive lady

Christmastime is coming
Get your Five Alive
It’s gonna go fast so
Don’t be left behind
La la la la la la la
La la la la la

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