Sussy Baka/The Leaked Tape Lyrics – Imposter Amogus

[Part 1, Sussy Baka]

(Intro) (Justin bieber)
Ohh I hate my wife
Ohhh she’s so beautiful
Why do I hate her

(Chorus) (Rihanna)
No new album
No new life
A$AP Rocky is hot
Thought he was with Tyler
(Autotune humming)

(Verse 1) (Lil Nas X)
Yeah I’m gay
So what
I killed the imposter
Does that make me the imposter
I’m gonna go now

[Part 2, The Leaked Tape]

(Verse 2) ( Kanye east and Rihanna)
(Autotun humming)
Yeah it’s ya boi Kanye East
Back with the fire-
This fire gonna blow you all up
You ready?
I hate fa-

(Outro) (imposter)
Kanye used F Slur
We had to cut his Verse
Oh shit!

Album – When The Imposter Is Sus (January 2021)
Featuring – Justin Bieber, Lil Nas X, Rihanna, Kanye East
Produced by Our Lord And Savior Kanye Southeast

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