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Strange Affair Lyrics

i had enough of this strange affair
tried so hard but we got nowhere.
you drag me down, what you doing it for?
i can’t handle it anymore.
why, oh why won’t you hear me?
this information is yours for free.
i’m telling you like i know i should
i’m hurt, but you can’t see the blood.well, i must have been mad
went to the doctor, i felt so sad.
yeah, i must be insane
you turned me over again and again.had enough of this strange affair
plain to see that you just don’t care.
you been fooling around for too long
that ain’t the way to be carrying on.
why, oh why don’t it matter to you?
don’t you know what you’re putting me through?
but it’s over, tears i have cried.
this strange affair is a thorn in my side.had enough of this strange affair
i was a victim of a love so rare.
told me lies and betrayed my trust
feel like a sucker with a teenage crush.
why, oh why keep leading me on?
don’t you know you been doing me wrong?
your best friend confirmed my worst fears
should have known it had to end in tears.

lyrics:strange affair
album:strange affair
artist:wishbone ash