Song 9 (The Government’s Not Great) Lyrics – Hobo Johnson

Hey, yo
Give me an insurmountable problem
And I’ll show you real fast, baby, I can’t solve them
Like I used to think
It was like Jordan’s house
Seven days a week
Is it wrong to see the world with my imperialist privilege and twinkle in my eye?
Either way, it’ll all work as I hope
I’ll fall in love with moderation
And you…

You buy this soap
Fucker, you buy this soap
And rub it on your body
Buy this soap
For your dishes, for your laundry
Buy this soap, you fuck
You buy this fucking soap

I think I’m fucked
But it’s okay
I can see the world with a straight face
Yeah, I can read the books and I can not pace
Yeah, in the backyard while my brain shakes
Yeah, Anton said the studious are right on
So you know it’s me and Da-[censored] with the lights on
Hell is a never-ending pit of great despair
And if you kill, then you go there? What?!

What about the wars?
And the crusades?
Our government bombing another place?
And all those pirates, lead ’em die
Are they drowning in a burning lake of fire?

An exceptional few have ever changed their minds
From theoretical arguments, so I shouldn’t try
(Took you a s—)
Everyone is just locked in
And I am also locked in

In this race to sell for the lowest price
Find your competitors and rip out their eyes
Twenty One Pilots, 1975?
Can I open for you guys?

And then I’m gonna rip out your eyes
Matt, I’m gonna rip out your eyes
Fuck, I wanna rip out your eyes
Tyler, come here, I wanna rip out your eyes
Tyler, come here, I wanna rip out—

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My eyes! Every time I read the news
They surely twist the stories, at least they used to (And that’s a fact)
So what would stop them now from lying to our face
For something for their policies?

The government’s not great
No, they’re not very good
No, they’re not very good
No, they’re not very good

Album – The Revenge of Hobo Johnson (June 2021)
Produced by Hobo Johnson
Written By Ryan James Tillema, Jordan Moore, Lil Tumblr, Drew walker, Derek Lynch, David Baez-Lopez & Hobo Johnson