Solitude Lyrics – Days Of The New

Solitude Lyrics

you are plain insane/inside you live
tonight/afraid the pain will givedon’t you want to feel
death has done your part
you chose not to feel
you’ve won a lonely heart
the devil opens his eyes
he breathes right into your face
if you like the smell
you’ll really like this placeyou’ll really like this place
are you ready to shake
don’t be afraid of the snake
the will to negotiateyou are you/get used to it/open
the same don’t appeal/but it will/you are youlive to live
to die inside you will
anticipate solitudefollow me back home
no other place to go
no need to smile or get stoned
you’ll always be alone
you’ll always be alone
your body stripped down to the bone
no breath to scream out or moan
no freedom nowhere to run

album:days of the new
artist:days of the new

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