September 17, 2021


Snapchat Finally Blacked Out: iOS Users Got Long-Awaited Dark Mode

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Almost two years after the release of iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, which included their own system-wide dark mode, Snapchat, one of the most famous social networks in the world, has finally released a dark theme for iOS users ..

Snapchat began testing dark mode late last year with a small group of iOS users. Now Snapchat says it has provided a dark mode switcher to over 90% of its iOS user base as of this week, offering millions of users access to the app’s new interface.

Snapchat offers iOS users three different types of modes to choose from. The former supports the dark theme for the app regardless of the default iOS system theme, the latter supports the light theme for the app, and the third mode matches the iOS setting.

Snapchat users can turn on Dark Mode by clicking the Settings icon in the upper right corner, clicking App Appearance, then turning on Always Dark, Always Light, or System Compliant.

Snapchat’s dark mode on Android will start rolling out in the coming months.

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