September 24, 2021

Fumez The Engineer

[Skore Beezy] Plugged In Freestyle Lyrics – Skore Beezy

You already know what’s going on, Plugged in
Beezy in the trap, back
You know what’s going on
Come to shut down everyting, junctions, yeah you get what’s going on
Twenty-twenty vision, serious
Tell ’em

How you gonna spend two racks in West but you ain’t got ten? (Jokers)
How you gonna do man dirty? Same guy that was doing up friends (Shaky niggas)
Ding dong whip, check the rear view, mans doing up Benz (Skrrt skrrt)
Smoke on deck, Stevie Wonder, man’s doing up lens (Ah)
Damn right we ain’t taking that vio (Never)
Still got racks on dial-o (Rackers)
Been a G like Stylo, pree the face when they click man’s bio (Jokers)
Jailhouse days, red flag whеn they look at my filo
No cap in the story, Shiro, and my tea gon’ cold likе Dido
Them man don’t drip, they’re drowners (Drowners)
Get caught in the field, big stick but it ain’t no rounders (Big one)
Man do four pounders
No snitch don’t ever come ’round us (Never), man do it with powers
Doorstep man do it with showers (Ah, ah, ah)
Man know this life’s expensive
M-way, man’s doing up Kentish (Trap, trap)
Blue lights intensive, left, right, exit (Word)
Man know man meant it, spin that whip, man dig it and drench it (Dig it and drench it)
This corn ain’t lended, ding-dong whip, this drillin’ ain’t rented (Bra)
See them boy there they don’t want drama (Never), dem boy just stick to the fibbin’ (Ah)
And I just came back like karma, no I’mma just stick to the winning
No, no, they ain’t on frying, no they don’t want mazza, they’re liars
Look, man come through slidin’, stretch arms ain’t doing no flyers (Get it)
I done bird with lifers, bang chat but they ain’t on violence (Never)
You can’t knock them liars, you know God just loves them triers
I go grab that bank, spin them wheels, you hear them tires (Hear them spinning)
You man go to booth, grab that mic and kill like Myers (Ah)
Then they go to the booth and catch it (Ah)
The four pound kick, it’s backflips
Man know what’s active, eliminate risk it’s reactive (Word)
Twenty man deep but the talk is cheap, man they ain’t on badness (Never)
How they all rap mad and they all talk bad? Man they all some catfish (Mothers)
Man I do no breaks when man get around no ways
Man I do no trace when man get around this eight
Don’t do no fakes, anytime that man get around it’s tape (Tape off)
Man do this straight anytime man gets around this eight

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Fumez The Engineer

Album – Plugged In: S1 (2020)
Produced by Fumez The Engineer