September 24, 2021

Fumez The Engineer

[Sin Squad] Plugged In Freestyle Lyrics – Sin Squad

[Intro: Bully B]
Sin Squad shit
Shout out Pressplay
Shout out Fumez
Plugged In
Free the get-backs
KP Beatz

[Verse 1: Bully B]
I’ll catch that M if you’re chillin’ with them
Or I’ll let that go at you and your buffin’ (No cap)
Lampz try run to the ped, ’til his head got hit with a fatal whooshin’ (Bow)
Dem man just jump on tracks ’bout drill and trap
They don’t know about juggin’ or drillin’
I’ll cook him, they don’t know half of the work I’ve put in
Are you fuckin’ dumb? No point tryna run
These shotgun pellets are contagious (Bow)
I could never be like them
They leave their friends, that shit’s outrageous (No way)
We’re the definition of Get Back Gang
Done let that bang or swing that stainless
Come let’s, come let’s lurk in the Woods
Got beef in the hood, so we cut past neighbours

[Verse 2: LR]
If I get a job, that’s more than a bruisin’ (Way more)
Feds can’t nick me for bootings
They say that the gang’s well known for shootings (Bow)
In the Nizz me and bro be cruisin’
Buck me an opp, leave t-shirts ruined
And Double Lz got hit with a broomstick
Are you stupid? Don’t lose it (Don’t do it)
About piss on the L, that’s fire
They sing like choir, TM held fire (Bow)
On the road just flicks and rambos
Samurai sword gon’ tear out your backbone (Ching)
This bad B wan’ link me in the bando
But I got 6 on 4, that’s trap mode
Drop L’s, are you smokin’ crack bro?
The hollow tips don’t miss for a fat bro (Bow)

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[Verse 3: Stewie]
You know man splashed man bait
So, I beg a man, don’t try act
Countless cases, plugs and raises
Locked on the wing with Rellz and Splash (Free ’em)
They got me basic stressed
Gang’s on Soho tryna buss man’s flat
On the landing, gang way too tapped
Top crash gang, man give it to Skat (Bad boy)
Skat don’t know about boogie
He’s way too bookie, might just spazz
We done it in bikes, dingers and cabs
Pushbike settings, ten toes tourin’
Run man down, man pray I don’t cramp
And he better pray he don’t cramp
If he does, by my life, man turn him dank (Smoke dat)

[Verse 4: Bully B]
I see cats, buggin’, runnin’, cluckin’ (Yup)
Bully B got the TT lizz (TT)
I circled the 9 and the 2’s but it’s vacant
Let me just take my chance in the Nizz (Might as well)
Bro slapped three and he had 3 left
Then he saved the rest for the unmarked pigs
I got beef with some rundown gangs
They say they’re on man, but it is what it is
I don’t window shop, only window ching
Or I’ll pop for smoke, that’s medical assistance (No cap)
Bully B, I’ll do it up close
Or I’ll let that go from a social distance (Bow)
I don’t care about a paigon jawn
If you’re there you can catch this corn like a virus
Jump out with the spins and pray he don’t sing like Miley Cyrus

[Verse 5: LR]
Can’t see no one, so we’re burning rubber (Skrrt)
In the Nizz with this loaded brucka (Bow)
Decamp whips if I spot me a fucker
They say lil’ bro is Sneakz is a nutter
Funny how K got cooked, no supper
On the beat with my Sin Squad bruddas
Got a drop, better take all cover
‘Cah when we ride out, it’s straight heads for a fucker (Bow)
Social media’s dead (Dead up)
Got me and D1 movin’ like feds
G-check yutes, tap down in secs (Where you from?)
They say that I rhyme in texts
But the bullet gon’ hit if I aim for your chest (Bow)
Vexed, got man lookin’ like Shrek
Got zored in your chest, what a disrespect (Ching)

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[Verse 6: Stewie]
Next up, who’s next up?
Gang still tryna shed some ketchup
Shawty wanna have my kids
LOL, why she come so damn extra? (Ha)
Soon see me on Capital Xtra
Ls up, Ls down might get your head buss
30 Vespa, 4-door Vectra
4 man deep tryna cause some pressure
Out on the Lane tryna get Lampz gone (I am)
Or I’m doin’ 2 L’s, 2 L’s (L)
Tryna get a paigon gone
He don’t drill, he just raps on songs
Swing and ching, tryna turn man off (Ching)
Did broski miss? No, he did not (No he didn’t)
Nowadays don’t know ’bout parties
‘Cah I’m in the bando makin’ prof’ (Papers)

[Outro: Fumez The Engineer]
Fumez the Engineer
It’s cold, it’s cold, no joke
Alright, let’s get it

Album – Plugged In: S1 (2020)
Featuring – Stewie (Sin Squad), Bully B (Sin Squad), LR (Sin Squad)
Produced by KP Beatz (Producer)