Remember Me Lyrics – Naked & Sacred

Remember Me Lyrics

remember me
because i can’t forget you
does my image cross your mind often?
remember me
because you’re inside my dreams
and when we kiss then i always remember
i always remember…chorus:
please remember me
i feel i’m fading in your heart
and it’s alright that we’re apart
just remember me
new love has embraced us both
i know that you’re under oath
please, remember me…
remember…remember…remember me
because this highway is long
and who knows what will come in years
remember me
because you can’t forget your past
i’m the doorway flooded with tears
the doorways were flooded(chorus)i still think of you today…
(can’t throw it all away)
if you don’t think of me the same
then i could never blame you
i could only ask you to…(chorus)

lyrics:remember me
album:naked & sacred
artist:chynna phillips

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