Regret It – Adult Mom Lyrics

I was amazed
You would treat me this way I thought you were a grace Thought you were a saint And now it just hurts
To think of you that way
Cut my lip on the tip
Of the silence you give
You admit it’s a presence
But you won’t give me napkin For the blood, I thought You’d always stay put
And I’m counting down the days I won’t hear your name
I’ve had a good year without you But it’s always the same
Feeling ashamed, or worse Sorry for the hurt
That I never performed
But sure
I still love you the same Won’t tell you this anyway
I don’t care anymore
Go and do your own shit
The relationship
I still pull a thread of it
The woman I love
The woman I’ll never call again
Don’t make me regret it Don’t make me regret it Don’t make me regret it

Writer – Stevie Knipe
Album – Driver(2021)
produced by Kyle Pulley & Stevie Knipe
Release – March 2021

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