Praise God Lyrics – Kanye West

Lyrics from Live Performance

[Intro: Travis Scott & Donda West]
That she wrote
Speech to the young, speech to the progress toward
Say to them, say to the down-keepers, the son-slappers
The self-soilers, the harmony-hushers
Even if you are not ready for the day, it cannot always be night
Serve, flex I do work (Work) six, I’m like Mike
He’s out of sight, woo, you done got me piped
Two-man like Ike, six out the spot (Uh, uh)
Into the night

[Verse 1: Travis Scott]
Yeah, I’m shakin’ the drop (Drop)
I’m still up on top (Aight)
I been have the bop (Ooh-ooh)
The devil my opp, couldn’t pay me to stop (It’s lit)
Couldn’t pay me to— (La Flame)

[Chorus: Travis Scott & Donda West]
We gon’ raise our day, I done praised God
That we been on bayside on the side of ’85 with the pipe
Serve, flex out the work, six, I’m like Mike, into the night

[Verse 2: Travis Scott]
Yeah, this life I’m livin’ (Livin’)
All the advice been tipped in (Tipped in)
Gave me that grip, no slippin’ (No slippin’)
Out of my mind, went trippin’ (Trippin’)
Tell me take two when I’m on one (On one)
That lookout like no one (No one)
Kept it real tight like yo’ son (Yo’ son)
Yeah (La Flame)

[Chorus: Travis Scott & Donda West]
We gon’ raise our way out the grave, dawg
When we movin’, shake off, watch us walk our graveyard, back to life
Serve, fallin’ in worth, see with no sight, into the night

[Verse 3: Baby Keem]
Huh, let’s get right, huh
Bitch, I pop like type, huh
And you know I’m proud of my type, huh
Prada bag, nigga, put that Prada and get me right, huh
Takin’ cash nigga, pay in Prada, not payin’ in type
Huh, pay me twice
Still on side, huh, still outside
Bitch, I just, huh, still outside, huh, still outside
Tame Imp—, Tame Impala, nigga
Tame Impala, stay outside, huh
And I’m still outside, I’m still outside, still outside, huh
Let’s get right, huh, let’s get right, uh, let’s get right, uh, huh
Let’s get right, let’s get (Ayy, ayy, ayy), let’s get right
Let’s get (Ayy, ayy, ayy), let’s get—
Look at new scenes, I opened my life
I’m subject to memes
I signed a few niggas, I polished their dreams
An angel on earth from under my wing
Stop runnin’ to publish us
Nigga, they publish the headlines and say the wrong things
Y’all treat your Lord and Savior like renters’ insurance, you know what I mean?
Bada the bada the boom
I bada the boom, I bada the bing
I need a new girl, my old one was mean
I had to let go, forgave all them people that came to my shows
I channel the bad bitches, all in abode
I tell ’em to trust, I tell ’em the turbulence came with the life
I gathered my sinners and asked if I’m right, let’s get it
I just get right, bitch, huh
Let’s get right, let’s get right, let’s get right (Yeah, yeah)
Ain’t on sight, it’s on sight

Lyrics from Snippet

[Verse: Baby Keem]
Used to throw up my Uncle’s spaghetti
Been totin’ totes since before I was ready
Back when my momma told me that I was challenged
That single black woman, you know that she petty
I turned a heavy part to two million dollars
I put that in total for [?] today
I gotta, I gotta put on the Virgil one time
I swear the diamonds they lightin’ with time
I know some white people servin’ the time
I got a thing for me
Doin’ it, pray for me
Do it for all of my kind…

Lyrics from Pusha T Snippet

[Pusha T & Travis Scott]
Been thinkin’ a lot, uh
Been findin’ my bop, uh
But when have I not? Uh
Uh, yeah
The devil my opp, uh
Can’t pay me to stop, uh
My God at the top, oh (La Flame)

Featuring – Pusha T, Baby Keem , Travis Scott
Album – DONDA (August 2021)
Produced by 30 Roc , Kanye West