Pibb Goes Surfing Lyrics – Adam Sandler

Pibb Goes Surfing Lyrics

You were cruisin along there Mr. Pibb
It wasn’t too painful a paddle out here to the big waves as you
like to call em Sonny!
Didn’t look it
Actually it was a nice wake-me-up for my laticerace muscles
Water’s pretty nice huh?
Boy oh boy the Hawaiin sea’s like a warm cup of java!
Temperaturo perfecto as the Africans might say!
Yeah yeah… So listen to me for a sec when the set comes in
just stay flat on the board pointed towards the beach. I’ll tell
you when to start paddelin and keep paddelin til the wave grabs you
I hear ya! Let Mother Nature do her duty!
Right on…
Right now!
Yeah right now…
Then when I say stand up hop up quick like I showed ya and ride
Affirmative captain!
But don’t go too far right there’s a lot of nasty coral over there
Well here comes a triple overheader right now! Let me tear
into that sucker!
I dunno that’s comin awfully steep Pibb
No steeper than that tsunami I rode back in 1928 on my
grandpappy’s TV tray! Let’s do this!
You’re the boss Pibb… Start paddelin now!
Will do!
Paddle! Paddle! Paddle!
Paddle paddle fiddle faddle! I love it!
Okay okay you’re in it baby! Stand up! Stand up Pibb!
I’m standin! I’m standin! Whoo hoo I’m up!
Yeah man! Way to go Pibb!
I’m speedin along here!
(different man) Hey old man you better pull out before you
hit that reef!
Well thanks amigo but I didn’t come out here for no six second ride!
Bail out Pibb!
Not until I get the tube! Aaaah!!!
(crashing and cracking noises)
(different man from before) Oh nasty brudda!
Hang on Pibb I’ll be right there! Oh my God that was sick!
You okay Mr. Pibb!?
Is there a doctor in the house? Oooooh!!!
(another wave hits more cracking and crashing)

By – Adam Sandler

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