One With You Lyrics – Real

One With You Lyrics

come wash my body
wash away my sins
and all the ways we hurt each other
oh how we hurt ourselves
i wanna know you now
come out of isolation
i wanna show myself
of god, i wanna cry out loudi wanna be one with you
get down to the real emotion
i wanna let love break through
we can kiss the truth
one with you
i wanna hold you deep inside my heart
feel what love can do
to know that i am one with youcome lie down in my garden
leave your mark on me
i know i can’t be scared forever
come on and humble me, humble mei’m so tired of living in my head
the precious comfort of my own bed
i’ve glorified my spiritual side
now take me down to the ground where i can’t hide
i know i can love myself
i wanna give to someone else
i wanna know you
touch you
move you
do you
feel you live and breathe
deep inside of me

lyrics:one with you
artist:belinda carlisle

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