One Broken Heart For Sale Lyrics – Vol. 1-50 Gold Hits

One Broken Heart For Sale Lyrics by Vol. 1-50 Gold Hits Songs Lyrics Lyrics English Song Lyrics Songs

One Broken Heart For Sale Lyrics

(words & music by otis blackwell – winfield scott)
who wants to buy a heart
one broken lover’s heart
one broken heart for salewell, excuse me if you see me crying like a baby
since she rejected me
there’s nothing left to save mehey cupid, where are you?
my heart is growing sadder
that girl rejected me
just when i thought i had hershe would not listen to the things my heart was saying
she turned and walked away
and told me i was playingsome guys have all the luck
and my heart hasn’t any
i think i’ll paint a sign
for sale for a penny

lyrics:one broken heart for sale
album:vol. 1-50 gold hits
artist:elvis presley

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