Now Lyrics – Yeat

Now Lyrics – Yeat

I got bands, now, I got bands now, I got bands now
I got plans now, I got plans now
I got demons comin’ for my head now
For any motherfuckin’ body that play with my brothers, they know I’ma pull up with hunnid round choppas and .40’s aiming at their motherfuckin’ bubble (Yeah, yeah)
Motherfuckin’ drum on the bottom, we got a hundred rounds of metal, gon’ pull up and fill ’em with lead, we gon’ motherfuckin’ pop ’em

Yeah, ah
(I-I-I’m) Do you know the voices I hear?
You know my voices I hear?
(Ah, I-I-I’m working on dying, BNYX)
I’m on the geek, I’m on the drugs

I wanna head where I come from, I don’t ever wanna call a phone, ah
I seen the eight wonders of the world, I’m on the ninth wondеr of the world, I made a tenth wondеr to your girl, oh
(I-I-I’m) Yeah, super geeked, I’m on that Sky high feeling

Album – Aftërlyfe By Yeat

Release Date – February 24, 2023