New Deston Map for PC Introduces By PUBG: Battlegrounds

PUBG: Battlegrounds has recently launched new map called Deston, which is quick to be delivered since the game went allowed to-play recently. The news was confirmed through a tweet from the authority PUBG: Battlegrounds Twitter account.

According to the tweet, the new map will go live on PC on July 13, so it’s now live on PC, yet console clients should wait for seven days until July 21 for the map to emerge. So in the event that you play on the Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, you should wait for seven days.

PUBG – Deston

 What’s new in DestonPUBG: Battlegrounds

The new map, Deston, introduces a host of new features. The first of which is the ascenders. These are mechanized ziplines which can help players get to better vantage points. In addition to the ascenders, you also have new vehicles, like the Pillar Car, and a lot of new weapons as well, like the MP9 SMG and a 012 shotgun.

Deston is a mix of urban and wild environments, with large city blocks, mixed with plenty of vegetation. There’s also a lot of water around, Ripton, one of the areas on the new map, is largely submerged in water. The new map will also feature the tallest skyscraper in PUBG yet.