Make Google Maps the default navigation app in iPhone

Make Google Maps the default navigation app in iPhone

If you have been using Apple Maps for a while, you may need to experiment with another type of GPS navigator and Google Maps is your main option. Well then, we are going to show you how you can make the big G service the default app on your iPhone.

Until not long ago, specifically iOS 14, Google applications were not active in Apple’s operating system, which meant that they could not be enjoyed. From there Gmail, Google Chrome or Google Maps can be used, but, for example, the latter is not by default on the phone.

It may be that after using the Google app you have noticed that it is much better developed than Apple’s, having extra functions that do not appear in Apple Maps.

Thanks to all these extra features, like turn-by-turn, many prefer Google Maps over the default one on the iPhone.

That is why today we are going to show you how you can get the Google’s GPS navigation app will be the default on your Apple smartphone.

How to make Google Maps open by default on iPhone:

What is Google Maps and main features

Google Maps is a GPS navigation and mapping service from Google. For many, it is the best currently available due to its versatility and the amount of information it can provide us.

Google Maps has a few features that make it the app of this type that millions of users like the most.

  • Is very easy to use.
  • Has a intuitive interface and design.
  • Is freesomething also important.
  • He level of your maps is extraordinary the vast majority of the time.
  • The ability to take you concrete placesnot just streets, but monuments, restaurants or other types of businesses, is possibly the great asset that it has, since its database is enormous, helped to a great extent by the Google search engine itself.
  • It not only has routes to go on car, but you can also use those to go by bicycle, public transport (including stops) or on foot.
  • Google StreetView It allows you to see real images of where you are going, although it is true that certain places are still somewhat obsolete, but in large cities it works very well.
  • Can use offlineprior configuration.
  • is available for all platforms.

Default app on iPhone

The default application on our iPhone is Apple Maps, something that has been the case since iOS 6, when the American company released this navigation app.

With this decision began a time of struggles between Apple and Google, especially after the refusal of those from Mountain View to grant them rights to the voice-directed turn-by-turn navigation function.

This implies that if we want Google Maps is the default browser of the iOS system, it will not be possiblesomething that Android does allow with any other browser that is not yours.

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Since iOS 14, Apple stopped being so strict and both Gmail and Chrome can be set as the default browser and email manager, something that we can take advantage of so that Google Maps is more integrated into the system.

How to Change the Default App on an iPhone

The easiest way to make Google Maps the default app is to install Google Chrome or Gmail and then make it the default mail app or web browser.

As you well know, the Google applications integrate and share dataso we can open map links in Google Maps using one of the two applications that we have mentioned.

As is also evident, we must create a Google account or use one that we already have to use any of the applications, since without it we would not be able to access all the functions.

Gmail as default mail app

  • Download and then install gmail from the App Store.
  • Now we must go to settings and then scroll down until you find gmailwhere we must press.
  • already inside we give in Default mail app.
  • we select gmail.
  • At this time we return to the application library of our iPhone and open Gmail (as usual we must open a session with a Google account).
  • We press the icon from menu in the upper right corner.
  • Click on settings and then we give in default apps.
  • in sections Scroll from your location and Navigate between locationswe select Google Maps.
Google Maps Default Gmail
  • From now on, when we touch a map link in Gmail, it will automatically open with Google Maps. The
  • first time it will ask us if the application we want to use is Apple Maps and Google Maps.

Gmail as default mail app

  • The first thing is to download and install Google Chrome on iPhone via the App Store.
  • Then we open the settings and scroll down until we find Chromewhere we should press.
  • press Default browser app.
  • Select Chrome instead of Safari.
  • Now when we tap on a link on our phone, it will automatically open in Chrome.
Default Google Chrome on iPhone
  • This means that the moment we search for an address in Google Chrome and it tells us how to get there or we have some kind of address, Google Maps will automatically open as it is associated with the web browsing application.

How to use Google Maps in CarPlay

CarPlay is the integration system that Apple has developed so that the iPhone can be used on the screen that our car brings.

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Thanks to this system we can use said panel (provided it is compatible) to make and receive calls, see the GPS navigator we want, dictate messages, have those who enter read us or listen to our favorite music, whether we have it downloaded to our mobile or if we use Apple Music, among many other things.

CarPlay is compatible with Google Maps, but it is not its default mapping service, which means, for example, that if we ask Siri, Apple’s voice assistant, for directions, it will open Apple Maps directly for us.

You should know that it is not necessary to download CarPlay, since it comes within the iOS operating system. However, in the vast majority of cars you have to connect iPhone via USB cablealthough there are already models with the wireless connection system.

The way it works is as follows:

  • We download and install google mapsAlthough it is most likely that you have already done so.
  • We start the car and connect the iPhone to the car via cable USB Apple Lightning either wirelesslyThat depends on the car model.
  • A message will appear with three options: Enable, disable or always enable CarPlay when your phone is connected to the car. This is something you only ask the first time.
  • When it is enabled we will see how CarPlay appears on the screen. The applications compatible with the system will appear, among which are, for example, Telephone, Messages, Music and third-party applications that we have installed, such as Google Maps itself.
  • All we have to do is tap on google maps to see how it opens and what we can use without the slightest problem on the screen of our car.
  • From here we can plan a trip, it will tell us where to go, if there is a lot of traffic, points of interest such as gas stations or restaurants (among others) and even the fixed radars that are on the road.

Now you know how to use the Google GPS navigator on your iPhone, seeing that you can integrate it, even in your CarPlay.

Although it is not possible to make Google Maps to become default in the systemwe have options that can help us, as you have just seen.


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