Lossless Lyrics – The Alchemist

[Verse: MIKE]
(I heard they doin’)
I heard they doin’ scores on the writer
War on the rise, if you sure it wasn’t like us
Born in the plight, we was torn from the right stuff
And floored by the prize, so my core was unrighteous
Matured to abide, cry for more when the night hit
It’s sword to the sky, then it poured on the island
What’s behind the door, is it solid?
The sureness in mind, of course it be silent
You sure to find, of course it be violence
I’m sure of the signs
On tour I was wildin’
Broke from confined, I was hostin’ the problem
I used to take the four or the five to explore from this gauntlet
Make sure we alive, it’s not a corpse I was caught in
Yo, did you hit record? I gotta talk shit
Assort all the love I had before, I’m movin’ cautious
I’m in the fog, I ain’t empty but I’m lossless
Remember we involved, but be ready when it’s lawless

[Chorus: MIKE]
Family full of dogs, got me steppin’ in their paw prints
Stanky in my palm, I ain’t envy ’cause I called-
I ain’t envy ’cause I called it
I know my family full of dogs, had me steppin’ in their paw prints
Stanky in my palm, I ain’t envy ’cause I called it

Chief of the psychological bureau to unleash every propaganda [?]
You can count on [?]
I believe I have all the elements necessary

Featuring – MIKE
Album – This Thing of Ours 2 (October 2021)
Produced by The Alchemist
Written by MIKE

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