Kids are growing up (part 2) Lyrics – The kid laroi

Kids are growing up (part 2) Lyrics – The kid laroi

[Interlude: Sloane Howard]
Hey kiddo, been tryin’ to call
It’s mom
Just wanted to check up and say I miss you
Call me back when you get a chance
Love you

We been to Hell and back together, you’re my closest friend (Uh)
Shit, you probably know me better than
I know myself and you’re the reason why I never rest
I walk into the crib, high as hell, head full of stress
I love you even though sometimes I forget to text
I’d give everything even if it means I havе nothing left
And even at your worst, for us, you triеd your best
And all this shit that we went through together, I just won’t forget
You check me when I spend lots of money that I make
You tell me you won’t ever let me make the same mistakes
You makin’ sure we had it good and then we lost it all
A year later, hidin’ narcotics in the wall
Of the apartment we was livin’ in in Kings Cross
Always thought my uncle was a boss
But now he up with God, I thought he was invincible
Ninth grade, turned around and said fuck my principle and dropped out
And this was at the time that we ain’t have a house
And me and you was sleepin’ on the separate ends of Louie’s couch
I would go to JD’s to make music, end up passing out and wake up with my back sore
Callin’ tryna figure out just where you at, shit made me mad
Seein’ you in the back of the ambulance to the hospital
I thought you weren’t comin’ back
Next mornin’, walked in just like nothing happened
You’d never admit the problems that you had
And tell me that I’m bein’ crazy if I ever asked
But now I got my own problems and I understand
‘Cause I try to protect you from anything bad (I understand)

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Ooh, I don’t know why I can’t believe it (Oh yeah)
Oh, nothin’ ever is in season, oh (Ooh)
I thought my nightmares were my dreams (Ooh, I don’t believe)
This ain’t what it seems, no, no

Album – THE FIRST TIME By The kid laroi

Release Date – Unknown