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Tell me if you know someone that needs (Jesus, Lord)

[Verse 1]
Sittin’ by myself I’m just thinkin’
About all I’ve been through, I wish I was dreaming (Jesus)
Man, it’s hard to be an angel when you surrounded by demons (Lord)
I watched so many people leave (Lord)
I seen them change by the season, that’s mama’s seasonin’
God got you, the devil’s watchin’, he just peekin’ in
I know I made a promise that I’d never let the reaper in (Jesus)
But lately I’ve been losing all my deepest friends (Lord)
And lately I’vе been swimmin’ on the deepest end
It’s just drugs, it ain’t no hugs, it ain’t no lovе there
You been down so much you don’t even know what’s upstairs (Jesus)
Suicidal thoughts got you wonderin’ what’s up there (Lord)
And while I introduce you at the party, you say it’s up there
Too many pills, so much potions, so much pain, too many emotions
And everything that you do good, it just goes unnoticed (Jesus)
And they tell you that you good, to just stay focused (Lord)
Mama, you was the life of the party
I swear, you brought life to the party
When you lost your life, it took the life out the party (Jesus)
That woman rode with me like a Harley (Lord)
Visions of my cousins in a cell really scarred me
Movin’ to the hood was like signin’ up for the army
‘Cause they been killin’ niggas, since niggas was watchin’ Barney (Jesus)
You want dreams to come true? But I have nightmares (Lord)
‘Cause if that come to life, then I might not be right here
Been in the dark so long go to the light here
But I’m just reaching for the stars like Buzz Lightyear (Jesus)
And now I’m lightyears ahead of those nightmares (Lord)
I deaded those night tales, when the night clears
And if I talk to Christ, could I bring my mother back to life?
And if I die tonight, will I see her in the afterlife? (Jesus)
But back to reality, when everything’s a tragedy (Lord)
And better have a strategy or you could be a statistic
Little boy dies, he’s just one of the mystic
And mama steady crying, cause she really the victim (Jesus)
And she’s getting high and she’s getting addicted (Lord)
And her older boy was stuck with the picture, painted vivid
That’s a family portrait, and her daughter just absorbed it
Sixteen and pregnant, baby daddy say she should abort it
But we can’t afford it, so she decides to move forward (Lord)
Baby shower time, father didn’t show up
And she was feeling nauseous, like she finna throw up
The water flows down the lakes, yeah, it’s finna go up (Jesus)
A year done went by, her daughter just turned one (Lord)
And she’s still dependent on her mom
Big brother in the streets, he went and bought him a gun
He want revenge ’cause the pain, feelin’ numb (Jesus)
And her mom still doing drugs ’cause that’s the only time she feel loved (Lord)
But is it real love? Do the scars really heal up?
From all the pain that done built up…
You took my brothers life and made my mother cry
Tell me one reason I shouldn’t send you up to Christ
He said go ‘head, take my life I’ll see anything but Christ
The big bro [?]…

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Album – DONDA (August 2021)
Produced by Kanye West