Jelly Lyrics – IDK

Confidence is why you can’t get man jelly (It’s so—yeah)
Yeah, you can’t get man jelly (Hahahaha, haha)
You can’t get man jelly, bruv (Hahahaha)
You try to get man jelly (Hahaha)
It’s the worst
It’s you guys on Instagram tryna get man jelly (Yeah, haha)
Sometimes I look at girls and I’m like, “You’re tryna get man jelly?” (What do you mean? You’re so lucky)
Exactly, no, that happened to me with—
A girl tried to get me jelly (Yes, yeah, yeah)
I didn’t give a fuck (Hahaha)
That’s the problem, I don’t care (No one could get me jelly)
Yеah it’s what I’ve been saying, It’s like, don’t get mе jelly, fam
It’s like, [?] called me for [?], and she hate me
She like, “She like the way that I dance” ayy (Haha)
Can’t get man jelly, ayy (Nah)
But here’s the thing though, is, is, like, I lost my mom, bruh
So there’s no woman that could ever, like, do anything to me that’s worse than that feeling

Album – USEE4YOURSELF (July 2021)
Produced by IDK & Blue Rondo
Written by IDK

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